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Training: Business


Willy provides customized, interactive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training that increases awareness, informs, develops 

empathy, and helps employees build healthy teams and provide excellent customer service.


These anti-bias trainings can be customized

to the industry, employee roles, customer base, work setting, and company culture.

They can address how to create an affirming workplace, and dial into specific learning objectives that arise from incidents and challenges.


The curriculum can be customized to address:


  • Managing bias in a diverse workplace

  • Terms, identities, concepts, and intersectional identities

  • How to uplift your team, whatever your role, through allyship and accountability

  • How to navigate interactions respectfully and avoid negatively impacting people of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people

  • What microaggressions are; how to deal with experiencing them

  • The impact of being misgendered; tools for remembering names and pronouns; how to apologize when a mistake has been made

  • How to develop and implement a transition plan to support an employee's gender transition

  • How to provide restroom access so everyone can use the facilities safely and comfortably

  • Pervasive discrimination, violence, and trauma that impacts people who experience systemic oppression

  • Relevant legal issues in your jurisdiction

  • Best practices for creating affirming organizational systems

  • Affirming policies, procedures, and protocol

  • Action steps


Potential learning objectives

At the end of the training, or training series, participants will be able to:


  • Define terms, identities, and concepts of marginalized identities

  • Utilize respectful language and behavior for navigating interactions with people from underrepresented groups

  • Describe how to deal with experiencing microaggressions

  • Describe best practices for creating an affirming workplace through allyship and accountability

  • Identify action steps to build healthy teams and provide excellent customer service


Willy’s trainings are multi-modal and include:

  • Interactive participation

  • Concrete information on navigating interactions appropriately, how to deal with microaggressions, tools for building healthy teams, legal issues, and policies

  • Film clips that humanize the issue and reach the audience emotionally

  • Customized case study exercises for practical skills building on learning objectives relevant to your specific circumstances. Case study exercises are customized to your industry, employee roles, customer base, work setting, company culture, and jurisdiction. They provide an opportunity for participants to work in small groups on practical scenarios that they may encounter in their work, and debrief in the large group to discuss effective approaches and strategies.

  • Welcoming, non-punishing discussion of organizational approaches to employee wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion


Ready to give your group the opportunity to problem solve, and develop their knowledge and skills?

Contact Willy to schedule a discovery call to discuss your training needs. He will work with you to determine topic, learning objectives, time frame, and most convenient dates.

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