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Whether providing practical tools for creating LGBTQ-affirming community health organizations, educational institutions, and workplaces (Born on the Edge of Race and Gender), or inspiring trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people to use art as a tool for healing (Gender Splendor), Willy's books use the power of storytelling to empower, enlighten, and transform.

“Kudos to Willy Chang Wilkinson for bringing us gender creativity at its best. Reminding every trans, nonbinary and gender expansive person that ‘your existence has value and meaning,’ Gender Splendor offers prompts for our inner voices that build gender resilience, pride, and empowerment, even in the face of outside challenges. A must read for everyone, old or young, who either is or wishes to embrace a ‘gender fabulous’ person.”

--Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., author of The Gender Creative Child. Director of Mental Health, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Child and Adolescent Gender Center

Born on the Edge of Race and Gender is an extraordinary work by one of the most fearless and dynamic voices of our time—a multi-layered masterpiece that may well be the most accessible, lively, and honest account yet of life as a transgender man…Prepare to be dazzled, shaken, and amazed…Far more than just a memoir, this book is also a treasure trove of intersectional research, wisdom, and practical knowledge, distilled by one of the nation’s foremost experts on public health and other issues affecting transgender people, and one of the most experienced, hands-on cultural competency trainers in our movement.” 


Shannon Price Minter, Esq.,

Co-editor, Transgender Rights

President Obama’s Commission on White House Fellowships


More Books by

Hapa Papa Press


Chinese Traditions: From Festivals to Funerals, by May-Blossom Chang Wilkinson, describes cultural practices, rituals, and legends shared through oral storytelling from generation to generation over centuries.


Highlights include: how chopsticks were invented, and how to ensure that the Kitchen God will report favorably on your family when sent up to the Heavens.

Sepia-Toned Archives is a beautifully articulated memoir that chronicles nearly one hundred years of life in the San Francisco Bay Area, from a bare-bones childhood in the Montclair hills of Oakland during the Great Depression, to masked senior living during the COVID pandemic.

Sepia-Toned Archives_kindle final3.jpg




Martha’s Adventures chronicles the life of Martha Crowe, who spent much of her childhood in Oakland, California during the Great Depression. Adventurous in spirit, she was one of a handful of girls who took woodshop instead of cooking class in junior high school, and later built herself a cabin in the woods.

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