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Keynote: Health


Celebrate being you.  Keep doing what you do!

Upcoming keynote:

Rhode Island Trans Health Conference

June 1, 9am EST

Audience: Healthcare providers, all fields and roles (behavioral health, medical, nursing, public health, social work,and others) tailored to your field and work setting.


Value: Enhance provider wellbeing, job satisfaction, and focus by building resilience and motivation.


Attacks on gender-affirming care and recent tragedies are reminders that there is still much work to be done to ensure that trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people can access culturally competent care. Helping marginalized folks thrive in their bodies is powerful work. You are not responsible for the versions of you that exist in other people’s minds. Being who you are and doing what you do are revolutionary acts of resistance. 


Get ready to celebrate yourself, your work, and your community. Your fierce courage is appreciated!



In this inspiring speech you will learn:


  • How to use the BARE Solution to recover from challenging moments

  • How to use creative expression to remind yourself of your brilliance and resilience

  • How to use the Healthy TEAM approach to foster team wellness

  • How to identify action steps for yourself and your team

Healthy TEAM Approach





The BARE Solution





Other keynote topics are available. Contact Willy to explore ideas.

Inclusions when you book Willy:

  • Pre-event discovery call to learn more about your company, organization, work setting, and speaker needs

  • A customized, inspiring, memorable keynote tailored to your work setting and theme

  • Interactive elements during the engagement, such as audience participation,

       Q and A

  • Tools to help attendees implement new skills

  • Can be combined with training, workshop, Meet and Greet, discussion group, and consultation services


Book Willy to reinvigorate your staff!

Inspire team wellness, job satisfaction, and focus!

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