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Keynote: Business

Build Healthy Teams
by Lifting Each Other Up

Inspire your


Audience: Corporate, general audiences, all roles, tailored to your field, industry, and work setting.


Value: Enhance employee wellbeing, team building, job satisfaction, focus, and productivity by building resilience and fostering meaningful connections in the workplace.


Recent research has found that employee wellness programs often fail because they focus on “me,” when they would do better to focus on “we.” People who experience systemic oppression understand the importance of healing the organization as integral to healing the individual. Staff morale is elevated when team members feel seen and respected, and support one another. Healthy teams build each other up!

Get ready to feel better about yourself, your job, and your workplace. Reinvigorate your focus and productivity.


In this inspiring speech, you will learn:

  • How to use the BARE Solution to recover from challenging moments

  • Practical skills for how everyone can be an ally

  • How to use the Healthy TEAM approach to foster team wellness

  • How to identify action steps for yourself and your team


The BARE Solution





Healthy TEAM Approach





Other keynote topics are available. Contact Willy to explore ideas.


Inclusions when you book Willy:

  • Pre-event discovery call to learn more about your company, work setting, and speaker needs

  • A customized, inspiring, memorable keynote tailored to your work setting and theme

  • Interactive elements during the engagement, such as audience participation,

       Q and A

  • Tools to help attendees implement new skills

  • Can be combined with training, workshop, Meet and Greet, discussion group, and consultation services


Book Willy to reinvigorate your staff!

Inspire team wellness, job satisfaction, focus, and productivity!

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