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  • Willy Wilkinson

How to Avoid Misgendering by Navigating Interactions Appropriately

Updated: Apr 10

As a long-term LGBTQ cultural competency trainer, Willy is often asked about how to navigate interactions appropriately. Here are best practices for avoiding assumptions, using gender-neutral language, introducing yourself and ascertaining what is appropriate, using reminder tools, and how to apologize when a mistake has been made.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued proposed guidance that “intentional or repeated use of a name or pronoun inconsistent with the individual’s gender identity (misgendering), or the denial of access to a bathroom or other sex-segregated facility consistent with the individual’s gender identity” constitutes actionable workplace harassment.

In trainings we discuss the impact of being misgendered, and explore tools to help you remember. We build practical skills for getting it right, and how to recover gracefully when you realize you blew it.

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