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Ready to create change in your organization, institution, or company? Let Willy Chang Wilkinson guide you towards success! With 35 years of experience as an LGBTQ cultural competency and intersectional anti-bias trainer, keynote speaker, and workshop leader, Willy can inspire your group and facilitate interactive, practical skills building. 

Address your goals for access, equity, and inclusion. 

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Invite Willy to work with your group

Explore intersectionality, 
equity, and access
Build healthy teams
Inspire allyship and
an affirming environment


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Develop best practices
Build staff awareness
and knowledge
Develop practical skills
Identify action steps

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Inspire all identities and ages
Encourage creative expression as a healing tool
Develop self care skills



Gender Splendor Book Launch and Creative Workshop

Sunday, April 21, 2:00pm FREE. RSVP here.

@ 510firehouse, a new arts and culture space

815 Alice St. between 8th and 9th in Oakland Chinatown

Everyone welcome. All ages, all identities. ADA accessible. Scent-free.

Attendees will have the opportunity to respond to inspirational sparks with various art forms. Please RSVP.

Gender Splendor: 50 Creative Sparks to Celebrate Yourself at All Ages and Stages is a creative workbook that offers metaphoric inspiration for trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people and their allies. Award-winning author, public health consultant, and trans elder Willy Chang Wilkinson invites the community to use the transformative power of self-expression to name their truths, take back their power, and remind themselves of their brilliance and resilience. People of all ages are invited to reimagine their birth announcement, envision their body as dream home, and embrace nature’s expansiveness and the splendor of their gender.


One can write in this book or the Gender Splendor Journal, record a video, or use another art form. This life-affirming resource provides liberatory prompts to nurture self-healing and identify many reasons to celebrate trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive joy. 


The Gender Splendor Journal has 100 blank pages, and is sprinkled with encouraging and affirming messages. It is the perfect companion to Gender Splendor: 50 Creative Sparks to Celebrate Yourself at All Ages and Stages. 


Winner of the Lambda Literary Award!

In this historic moment of transgender visibility in the U.S., writer, activist, and public health consultant Willy Wilkinson's Born on the Edge of Race and Gender: A Voice for Cultural Competency uses the power of storytelling to contextualize one of the most misunderstood social issues of our time. This poetic, journalistic memoir shines an intersectional beacon on the ambiguity and complexity of mixed heritage, transgender, and disability experience, and offers an intimate window into how current legislative and policy battles impact the lives of transgender people. Whether navigating the men's locker room like a "stealth trans Houdini," accessing lifesaving health care, or appreciating his son's recognition of him as a "transformer," Wilkinson compellingly illustrates the unique, difficult, and sometimes comical experiences of transgender life.


A seasoned public health consultant and cultural competency trainer, Wilkinson provides practical tools and resources to help community health organizations, educational institutions, and businesses create LGBTQ- and trans-affirming systems. Innovative, moving, and accessible, this multifaceted memoir explores the liberation of finding one's voice in a world that prescribes silence, and offers a fresh look at ways to systemically affirm diversity throughout society.


Willy wins the Lammy at the Lambda Literary Awards in New York City

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