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SO/GI Data Collection


Local, state, and federal mandates on the collection of data with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity (SO/GI) recognize the vital importance of understanding the populations served, in order to provide quality, effective care. Yet these data collection efforts present many challenges.


Willy has worked extensively with county health departments and large healthcare systems to develop curriculum, provide staff training, and collaborate on and create resource materials. Willy has also developed customized Train the Trainer curriculum materials and conducted Train the Trainer series. 

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and importance of collecting SO/GI data in healthcare and community health settings, and how SO/GI data is used and not used

  • Describe SO/GI-related challenges with regards to systems, staff, and clients/patients (including cultural and linguistic barriers, privacy concerns, staff resistance, systems and medical charting limitations, health disparities, immigration status, race-based bias, and other barriers)

  • Develop skills for responding effectively to complex client/patient concerns and staff  discomfort and resistance

  • Demonstrate best practices for collecting SO/GI data

Willy can provide:

  • SO/GI data collection surveys for clients/patients, with comprehensive questions and responses (English and Spanish)

  • Educational resource materials for clients/patients with questions and concerns about the SO/GI form, including definitions of terms 

  • Scripts for staff, including introduction/overview for decreasing client/patient anxieties about the purpose and use of SO/GI data; and responses to frequently asked questions

  • Other tools as requested

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