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"The best training we've ever had."
"Thought-provoking, engaging speaker."
"Thank you for making it okay to ask dumb questions."
Willy provides a high volume of customized LGBTQ and trans-specific cultural competency training for community health organizations, hospitals, businesses, educational institutions, and others.




Willy has provided customized cultural competency organizational development services for hundreds of community health organizations and county health departments, educational institutions, businesses, government agencies, faith-based institutions, social justice organizations, and social service organizations.

Advancing Cultural Competency and Equity

in Services and Systems

I recommend Willy Wilkinson’s LGBT cultural competency trainings without reservation to any agency wishing to increase awareness and ability to serve and include LGBT individuals in their programs and service delivery systems. Willy skillfully leads participants to a higher level of understanding through warmhearted and engaging dialogue. Anyone working in health and human services would benefit from his down-to-earth and research-rich training approach. Willy quickly creates an open and interactive environment where there are no ‘wrong’ questions and everyone leaves feeling rewarded.”

-- Madalynn C. Rucker, MA 

Executive Director, 

ONTRACK Program Resources, Inc. Sacramento, CA

"Highly evocative!"



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