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What you can expect from

Born on the Edge of Race and Gender:


Provocative poetic prose

Best practices

Non-binary gender identity and expression

Racial ambiguity and complexity

Disability economics

Deeply held Chinese cultural traditions as a fabric of trans experience

Asian Pacific Islander queer and trans organizing

Interracial butch/femme romance

Trans experience through a mixed heritage lens

The changing landscape of transgender health care access

People of color on the female-to-male spectrum

The intersection between interracial marriage and same sex marriage

The epidemic of violence against trans women of color

The epidemic of trans suicide 

Safe restroom and locker room access

Comprehensive federal non-discrimination protections

Queer, trans, and non-binary gendered parenthood

Trans access in educational settings

The intersection between disability and trans experience

LGBTQ cultural competency in community health services

Street-based HIV prevention and crisis intervention

A feminist perspective on fatherhood

Systemic support for LGBTQ students and families in K-12 schools

Organizational assessment tools

Hope for the future

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