Willy Wilkinson, MPH - Writer and Public Health Consultant
Materials Development
Willy develops educational pamphlets and guides for organizations that seek to inform community members, health service providers, students, and other interested parties. Materials may address the following LGBT and transgender-specific issues:
  • LGBT cultural competency (terms, identities, health disparities)
  • Best practices for serving LGBT populations
  • Appropriate language and behavior for working with LGBT individuals and families
  • Understanding LGBT rights in health care settings
  • Non-discriminatory service approaches for LGBT populations
  • Organizational policy issues
  • Advocating for equal access for LGBT consumers, and
  • Other educational topics.
“Willy’s expertise and deep knowledge of transgender health issues has been essential to the Transgender Law Center’s health work over the years. We use his materials regularly and are always impressed by the quality of his product.”
-- Masen Davis, MSW, Executive Director, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco
“Willy’s talent as a writer, his keen knowledge of the issues facing transgender communities, and his capacity to break down complex concepts into accessible language were invaluable. The Discussion Guide he developed for Diagnosing Difference has generated great feedback from the classrooms where it has been used, and the process of working with him proved dynamic and richly rewarding.”
-- Annalise Ophelian, PsyD, Director/Producer, Diagnosing Difference