Willy Wilkinson, MPH - Writer and Public Health Consultant
Curriculum Development
Willy develops curriculum materials for health service organizations that want to train affiliate organizations and departments on best practices for serving LGBT populations. These LGBT and transgender-specific curriculum materials can address such topics as:
  • Suggestions for fostering a welcoming environment and creating a feeling of safety for LGBT clients and their families
  • Utilizing culturally appropriate language and behavior when working with LGBT populations
  • Best practices for developing and implementing LGBT-inclusive and LGBT-specific services
  • LGBT socioeconomic issues, family issues, and health disparities
  • Strategies for addressing homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism of clients, staff, volunteers, and community members
  • Client education curriculum materials and guidelines
  • Legal rights of LGBT patients and clients
  • Appropriate housing and bed placement for transgender patients and clients
  • Designing and conducting needs assessments on LGBT populations
  • Conducting a domestic violence intake with someone in a same sex relationship
  • Advocating for LGBT clients
  • Ensuring LGBT program sustainability, and
  • Other curriculum topics.
Curriculum materials are tailored to the specific needs, knowledge levels, and work settings of the trainees. They often include interactive exercises as well as didactic materials. They can take various forms, including manuals, pamphlets, handouts, Powerpoint presentations, and computer programs.
"Willy provided us with live interactive training, coaching, and computer-based modules that were applauded by all for sensitivity, professionalism, and usefulness in practice and in life. I received enthusiastic feedback from many within the LGBT community thanking me and our organization for giving the community a voice and I received even more feedback from others saying they thought they know a lot, but learned some things they simply were not aware of. Personally, I found Willy to be a joy to work with and look forward to future collaboration."
-- Jill LeCount RN, MS, CNS, Director of Education and Training, Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center, San Francisco